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About Us

NovoDynamics creates products and solutions that understand complex images, large datasets and real-time data streams. We extract and aggregate data, predict behavior and recommend timely actions to improve results. NovoDynamics removes the barriers between decision-makers and their data.

Experts in machine learning and advanced analytics

Our research scientists are pioneers and experts at using machine learning and advanced analytics to solve complex problems. They train systems to find critical information in images and documents; they find patterns and causal relationships in extremely large data sets; and they build predictive models that support critical decisions within commercial and public sector environments. Our solutions are deployed around the world within enterprises and as cloud services.

Experts in aggregating and aligning data sources

Data required to build and operate these advanced analytics systems is often spread across systems, servers and companies. Preparing data for analysis is both difficult and time consuming. NovoDynamics scientists are experts at aggregating and aligning diverse data sources providing quality solutions that yield insights leading to better decisions and competitive advantages.