NovoDynamics has developed and deployed successful artificial intelligence (AI) solutions worldwide for governments, academia, and commercial enterprises, for over 20 years. Our current focus on healthcare is bringing the benefits of our leading-edge AI to dentistry.

NovoHealth Dental Benefits the Entire Dental Ecosystem

Payer Benefits

  • Relieves Administrative Burden: NovoHealth Dental automatically pre-checks every submission to help ensure claims are complete, prior to payer review. It integrates payer-specific plan guidelines to automatically assess whether all required claim information and documentation are provided, including appropriate radiographs showing relevant anatomical structures.
  • Alleviates Payer-Provider Friction: NovoHealth Dental triggers timely claim quality alerts so dental offices can quickly correct claim submission errors or omissions, reducing administrative time and effort while alleviating payer-provider friction. And because NovoHealth Dental processes all claims with real-time speed, it detects claims with issues before they’re paid, eliminating “pay and chase” tactics.
  • Takes the Guesswork Out of Claim Review Selection: NovoHealth Dental evaluates every claim submitted, applying its accurate clinical analysis, disease assessment, and F/W/A detection capabilities. Our AI-driven automated dental claim review distinguishes between clean, compliant claims that can be immediately routed to the payer’s system for approval, versus claims warranting scrutiny — so valuable professional resources can focus on the reviews most likely to yield savings.
  • Maximizes Plan Payment Savings: NovoHealth Dental identifies and prioritizes claims for professional review based on payer-defined criteria including detection confidence levels, the availability of professional review resources, and costs associated with flagged claims — all of which can be adjusted to maximize plan payment savings.
  • Optimizes Efficiency and Effectiveness: NovoHealth Dental presents reviewers with annotated radiographs and associated claim data in an intuitive interface designed to expedite adjudication. And reporting can be configured to offer the most effective actionable insights.

NovoHealth Dental has analyzed millions of dental insurance claims and uncovered tens of millions of dollars of plan payment savings for major U.S. payers.

Contact us to set up a pilot that will reveal how much time, effort, and money your company could save with NovoHealth Dental.

Provider Benefits

  • Makes Dental AI Accessible: NovoHealth Dental makes the benefits of the latest AI technologies accessible to DSOs and group practices, as well as independent practitioners. It doesn’t require providers to install new technology or change the way they currently submit attachments with insurance claims.
  • Supports Clinical Decisions: NovoHealth Dental can quickly analyze and annotate radiographs using our dental AI, which is trained by teams of licensed dentists including board-certified specialists. It can offer consistent, objective clinical analyses and disease assessments, as practitioners develop treatment plans.
  • Increases Predictability: NovoHealth Dental helps payers deliver accurate, consistent clinical review decisions, so providers can be more confident that the claims they submit will be approved and paid.
  • Expedites Claim Processing: NovoHealth Dental pre-checks every claim submission and immediately triggers alerts so dental offices can quickly correct any errors or omissions, avoiding time-consuming interactions with the insurer. It can help participating payers automatically approve clean, compliant claims; accelerate adjudication; and speed reimbursement, which can improve a provider’s cash flow.
  • Builds Patient Trust: NovoHealth Dental can help support patient communication and education, resulting in greater treatment plan acceptance.
portrait handsome bearded dentist male glasses blue uniform sitting dentist office looking camera

NovoHealth Dental helps providers submit complete claims; accelerates adjudication; and can help speed reimbursement.

Contact us to learn how NovoHealth Dental could benefit your organization and improve your bottom line.

Partner Benefits

  • Proven AI: NovoHealth Dental is built with NovoDynamics AI, the proven technology that’s been the foundation of our successful artificial intelligence solutions for governments, academia, and commercial enterprises for more than 20 years. Our core values include rigorous R&D, thorough testing, and reliable deployment practices that our partners and their customers can count on.
  • Protects Sensitive Healthcare Information: HITRUST Certification puts NovoHealth Dental at the forefront of industry best practices for information risk management and compliance.
  • Cultivates Collaboration: Our scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and subject matter experts are smart, but we know no one knows more about your business than you do. So NovoDynamics fosters a culture of cooperative collaboration by cultivating the careful listening and communication skills that are essential in building effective partnerships.

NovoDynamics has decades of experience developing and deploying successful AI. Why bet your business on a startup?

Contact us to add dental AI to your solutions.

Patient Benefits

  • Addresses Today’s Critical Healthcare Challenges: Patients are at the core of NovoDynamics’ mission to address critical healthcare challenges and help improve quality of care. We are accomplishing this by providing payers, providers, and partners with leading-edge AI that offers accurate clinical analyses, optimizes the efficiency of professional resources, and helps keep healthcare costs under control.
  • Advances Progress Toward Tomorrow’s Vision: NovoDynamics is already developing the technology components needed to enable next generation dental AI solutions to enable better oral healthcare, such as real-time chairside adjudication, which will increase transparency and foster greater goodwill between payers, providers, and patients.

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