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Predictive Analytics

The explosion of data has generated unprecedented opportunities for organizations to gather insights that yield breakthrough successes. But unlocking the information lying dormant within these massive datasets is a puzzle that continues to grow in size and complexity, requiring new approaches to data storage, organization and analysis. Traditional statistical methods are often unable to address these challenges. New predictive analysis techniques allow us to explore the wealth of data we are accruing, find new relationships, understand their meaning and use them to predict outcomes in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago. At NovoDynamics, we have been at the forefront of these rapidly-evolving disciplines for over 15 years, using data mining, pattern recognition and predictive analytics to help our customers gain actionable information about relationships in data and make more accurate predictions. Our technology helps executives and business managers, government agencies, scientific researchers and healthcare providers to make more informed choices leading to maximized performance, improved service, and better outcomes.

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Proprietary Algorithms + Practical Experience

We use proprietary algorithms built on advanced academic research and our unsurpassed practical experience. Our leading-edge, artificial intelligence systems include both supervised machine learning, with which we predict outcomes based on an array of inputs, and unsupervised machine learning, where the goal is to identify and describe associations and patterns in the data.

Connecting Understanding and Predictions to Actions

In each case, the understanding gained about the relationships in these complex data sets helps NovoDynamics customers drive the success of their enterprise. This may be identifying languages in scanned document images, automating document classification, optimizing inventories and pricing of after-market automotive parts or predicting outcomes for patients in a hospital. NovoDynamics customers take action every day using the insights and predictions retrieved from their data.