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Advanced Optical Character Recognition with Image Enhancement and Global Language Support

NovoVerus software automatically cleans global language documents and converts them to actionable text.

Most OCR solutions are unable to fix common quality problems with scanned documents and can’t automatically detect and extract different languages. This means a lot of manual preparation before documents can be processed: manually separating pages by language and enhancing the quality of¬†damaged pages, poor photocopies and low quality faxes. This takes time, requires specialized language skills and tools that won’t remove character features that are critical to global languages.

NovoVerus is the fastest, most accurate global language OCR solution available. Previously available only to government agencies and systems integrators, award-winning NovoVerus is a truly intelligent solution that incorporates state-of-the-art image enhancement, on-the-fly global language recognition and unparalleled optical character recognition.

Global language support

Arabic, Persian (Farsi, Dari), Pashto, Hebrew, Urdu, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Korean, Russian, English and Spanish. NovoVerus supports an exceptionally wide range of Roman, Asian, Cyrillic and Middle Eastern languages

Enhances degraded documents

NovoVerus enhances damaged or degraded originals to enhance character recognition

Industry-leading recognizers

The industry-leading image processing algorithms behind NovoVerus recognize and digitize the most challenging global languages with extraordinary accuracy.

Integrates seamlessly

Robust application programming interface and third-party plug-in architecture facilitates seamless integration with customer and third-party systems.

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