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NovoDynamics Announces Launch of NovoDocufier™

NovoDynamics Brings Superior Speed and Accuracy to Document Capture Market with Launch of NovoDocufier™

Streamlines Paper Processes by Employing an Image and Text-Based Approach to Automatically Recognize Scanned, Faxed and Digitized Pages and Capture Embedded Data

ANN ARBOR, Mich., March 20, 2012 – NovoDynamics, a leading developer of optical character recognition (OCR) and pattern recognition technologies, today announced the release of NovoDocufier, its new Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) software solution. More affordable and easier to use than competitive offerings, NovoDocufier employs an innovative combination of intelligent image and text recognition technologies to provide the fastest, most accurate document classification and data extraction solution available for processing diverse document types in centralized or distributed document capture environments.

In contrast to older IDR products on the market, NovoDocufier eliminates the need for costly professional services and IT specialists to create and maintain complex models, page templates and page recognition rules. The artificial intelligence engineered into NovoDocufier simplifies initial set-up and facilitates the addition of new document types in minutes. As additional document types are added, NovoDocufier trains itself to generate associations within document classes and profiles.

“Systems that are constrained by templates and rely heavily on text-based classification typically become bogged down when more than 20 document types are involved,” explains NovoDynamics VP of Marketing Tim Dubes. “NovoDocufier can quickly differentiate document types without having to sequentially parse through a template library to find a match. This is especially important for service bureaus that process documents from many different organizations. Mailroom automation, invoicing and image-to-archive automation implementations will benefit from NovoDocufier as well.”

NovoDocufier is built on the NovoDynamics Automated Classification Engine which leverages advanced artificial intelligence, page pixel analytics and topographical technologies developed by the company’s scientists and engineers. According to Dubes, “NovoDocufier identifies documents in the same way people recognize individuals, by first utilizing image-based analyses for a quick assessment of characteristics, then applying OCR as needed and only on selected regions of the document. Other products base identification on time-consuming OCR and keyword search methodologies, essentially having to ‘read’ through the entire document.”

Key benefits of NovoDocufier include:

  • Simple to Learn and Use: Train non-technical staff in hours, not days.
  • Cost Effective: No need to hire expensive professional services staff.
  • Flexible: Handles a wide variety of document formats; works in centralized or distributed document capture environments.
  • Faster and Accurate: The first 64-bit, enterprise-class document classification solution that uses a unique combination of advanced image and text-based recognition technologies.
  • Quick and Easy Deployment: Integrate into information systems with industry-standard APIs.

NovoDocufier is available directly from NovoDynamics or via its global network of Certified Solutions Partners.

About NovoDynamics

NovoDynamics, Inc. recognizes critical patterns in essential documents and complex data sets. The company’s pattern recognition and predictive analytics solutions are used throughout the world by commercial industries, governments and academia to capitalize on large, disparate data assets. NovoDynamics provides exceptionally fast and accurate 64-bit, multi-core, cross-platform document capture applications, as well as real-time, cloud-based data analytics services. NovoDynamics delivers truly intelligent solutions that add clarity and insight to help customers address their most difficult challenges. Please visit www.NovoDynamics.com for more information.