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NovoDynamics and Cranel, Inc. Partner to Deliver Best Enterprise Document Capture Solutions

Document Processing Innovator Teams with Industry-leading Technology Distributor

ANN ARBOR, Mich., September, 10, 2013 – NovoDynamics, Inc., a leading developer of advanced pattern recognition and analytics technologies, today announced a partnership with Cranel Imaging®, an industry-leading distributor of technologies that support the Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Office Equipment Dealer (OED) and Check Automation markets. Cranel Imaging will be distributing NovoDynamics® NovoImage+® software to streamline document processing workflow with automated image enhancement. Easy to install, integrate and use, NovoDynamics document capture software products deliver unparalleled accuracy, speed and productivity.

“Cranel Imaging looks for solutions our partners can integrate to bring an immediate impact to their clients’ businesses,” said Craig Wallace, president and COO, Cranel Inc. “NovoDynamics products will allow our partners to put together the best document processing solutions available to reduce costs, improve efficiency and drive return on investment.”

NovoDynamics NovoImage+ software automatically cleans and enhances scanned/faxed images to dramatically improve downstream processing. Device agnostic, NovoImage+ optimizes document images from virtually any scanner, as well as MFPs, fax devices and digitized microfilm.

“We are very excited to have Cranel Imaging distributing our products and solutions,” said David Rock, president and CEO of NovoDynamics. “NovoDynamics software, in combination with Cranel Imaging’s unique distribution experience, delivers intelligent document capture technology that enhances our customers’ performance and improves their overall business results.”

For more information, visit www.NovoDynamics.com.

About Cranel Inc.

For more than 25 years, Cranel Inc. has focused on bringing companies real business value by providing progressive technologies that align with business goals. Cranel provides industry-leading expertise in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Office Equipment Dealer (OED) and Check Automation distribution as well as remote monitoring software for the technology support market. Cranel Inc. businesses deliver strategic, advanced solutions that enhance performance and improve overall results. For more information, visit http://www.cranel.com About Cranel Imaging Cranel Imaging brings a unique distribution experience to the Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Office Equipment Dealer (OED) and Check Automation industries. Via partnering with Cranel Imaging, these industries can offer their customers comprehensive, integrated products and solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Cranel Imaging offers broad and deep inventories of products and supplies from industry leading supply chain partners, including capture hardware and software technologies. For more information visit www.cranelimaging.com.

About NovoDynamics

NovoDynamics, Inc., an In-Q-Tel portfolio company incorporated in 2001, develops intelligent information capture software and provides advanced analytics solutions that transform data into actionable insights needed to make better decisions. Leveraging its pre-eminent image enhancement, pattern recognition and data mining technologies, NovoDynamics® products recognize, extract and index data — even from degraded sources. NovoDynamics solutions analyze large, disparate data sets to address highly complex challenges. With its track record of success in streamlining information on-ramps and adding business intelligence to back-end repositories, NovoDynamics helps organizations leverage their investments in business processes and enterprise IT systems. NovoDynamics products and solutions are used worldwide by commercial industries, governments and academia. Learn more at www.NovoDynamics.com.