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Image Processing

The valuable content of images and documents are often difficult for either humans or machines to read, recognize or process due to the poor quality of the original source material or because of the limitations of the scanners or sensors used to capture them. NovoDynamics has developed advanced image processing technology that can significantly improve the quality of document images, enabling the recognition of features and characteristics that are obscured by flaws or are not visible in a cluttered field. As a result, content can be rapidly and accurately digitized, documents can be correctly identified and classified, and critical data can be extracted and then routed to databases and downstream systems for further processing.

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Proprietary, Innovative Technology

Featuring proprietary noise suppression, edge detection, image segmentation, texture analysis and pattern recognition techniques, NovoDynamics excels at image restoration and reconstruction, as well as file size compression. Our technology employs machine learning technologies to improve accuracy even after it has been deployed in production.

Embedded in NovoDynamics Products

NovoDynamics applies its unparalleled image processing technology to deliver a suite of innovative Document Capture products. Proof of the superiority of our technology is the success of our industry-leading software for handling the challenging task of recognizing and processing Middle-Eastern languages. Our image processing technology is also a fundamental component of the novel information processing solutions we deliver for clients in Government, Healthcare and the Automotive industry.