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Health Care

The explosion of available medical information is rapidly producing new possibilities:  faster diagnosis, enhanced monitoring, more effective treatments – leading to better outcomes for patients and more efficient use of resources for providers.  At NovoDynamics, we’re working with leaders in the health care industry, applying our advanced pattern recognition and analytics technology to create intelligent solutions that deliver life-saving insights at the point of care.

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Leveraging Big Data in Health Care

Advanced health care information and imaging systems are providing the basis for data-driven approaches to patient care. We’re developing real-time clinical decision support systems driven by adaptive learning algorithms operating on large datasets of patient information including medical images, real-time bio-sensor data, laboratory values, patient histories and treatment outcomes. These new decision support systems have the potential to improve patient outcomes, enhance the clinician experience, and reduce health care provider costs.

Advancing Medicine

Over the past 15 years, we’ve become experts at aligning, aggregating and analyzing complex, multi-dimensional data. Our data scientists work with doctors and medical researchers, applying advanced pattern recognition and predictive analytics, to uncover insights that improve health care.

Making a Vital Difference

NovoDynamics is making a vital difference in health care with NovoHealth Dental, the industry leading AI technology for streamlining and analyzing dental insurance claims.