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Government agencies throughout the world are inundated with documents as they execute and manage complex programs and initiatives, at home and abroad. To make sense of all this information, it must be captured in digital form.

At NovoDynamics, we help governments across the world intelligently automate document capture, converting document images from paper and film to usable digital formats, quickly and accurately.

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Enhancing Document Images

An agency’s information comes from many sources, in many forms, with varying quality. Degraded documents, faxes and other images must be cleaned to be usable by people and computers. NovoDynamics software products transforms even the most degraded document images into valuable sources of information.

Capturing What’s Important

Varying page layouts, multiple languages, mixed fonts and character sets all complicate the task of document capture. NovoDynamics uses advanced image processing and pattern recognition to automatically enhance pages, identify languages, classify documents and extract critical data.