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Image Optimization for the Distributed Enterprise

Clean Images Increase Efficiency

Transforming document images into machine-readable data has become a bottleneck for many organizations. With the centralized mail room now virtually obsolete, physical documents sent to today’s distributed organizations are digitized using a wide assortment of peripheral devices, or they may arrive after they have already been digitized — often poorly. Critical scanned documents and faxes are often damaged, skewed or degraded making it challenging for even the best optical character recognition systems to accurately convert them into digital form.

NovoImage+ is the leading automated image enhancement software that optimizes degraded document images. In document processing implementations, even a small improvement can make a big difference in reducing the number of errors and manual corrections required. And the effects of image improvement early in the capture process are multiplied as the document progresses through the transaction workflow. For example, using NovoImage+ to improve OCR accuracy by just 5% can reduce the time spent in data verification by over 50%.

Prepares Images to Deliver Superior Accuracy

Cleaner images produce cleaner data

Standardizes Quality

A device-agnostic solution, NovoImage+ can apply the same rigorous standards to images captured by a wide variety of peripherals

Puts the User in Control

Rather than relying solely on device-specific presets, users can adjust default settings to optimize output for different image sources and document types

Boosts Productivity

64-bit NovoImage+ produces cleaner images yielding greater accuracy and accelerated workflow. Fewer false positives result during data verification, which reduces the need for human intervention to correct errors. Automated file and batch processing allows workers to be assigned to other tasks

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