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Data Aggregation and Alignment

Big Data is a challenge and not just because of its breadth and depth. It’s a challenge because it’s spread across your enterprise, it comes from many different systems and it doesn’t all conveniently align. To uncover insights and make great data-driven decisions, you have to deal with missing data and duplicate data. And you need to match up essential data from databases which weren’t designed to work together.

Every day at NovoDynamics, we work with very large businesses and government entities. We’ve developed expertise in “data wrangling.” Whether it’s aligning vehicle repair orders with parts inventories and insurance estimates or organizing data scanned from archived paper documents, we’ve developed the expertise, methods and algorithms to get the job done.

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Reliable and Repeatable

NovoDynamics systems understand complex and disparate data sources and are trusted by some of the world’s largest businesses with direct access to their business data. They reliably and repeatedly identify and align the most important data to support key business objectives. Because, after all, as your Big Data grows, you need to understand how it’s changing and what that means for your business.

Discover, Learn, Repeat

It’s simple to assemble small amounts of data. The customer records match and there’s no missing data. The trouble comes when there’s no obvious way to match information or if the data itself is incomplete – inconsistently coded or full of errors. Our clients benefit from our years of experience in machine learning and predictive analysis. These tools can discover, learn and repeat – thousands of times a minute – complex matching rules that bring order to your chaotic data.