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Every modern car or truck is sold and serviced through a complex, multi-layered network of manufacturers, distributors, dealers, mechanical and collision repair shops. Each vehicle contains more than 30,000 individual parts, many of which may need to be replaced during maintenance or repair.

At NovoDynamics, we help leading automotive manufacturers and dealers understand their markets – from vehicle sales to managing service and repair parts inventories.  Intelligence and insights derived from NovoDynamics solutions help our automotive industry clients position themselves for success through increased unit sales, improved pricing, enhanced sales incentives and optimized parts inventories.

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Aggregating and Aligning Market Data

Daily operations of large automotive manufacturers generate vast amounts of data. It’s spread across manufacturers’ and third-party systems. Hundreds of millions of transactions and billions of data points – “Big Data” – contain the patterns and relationships OEMs need to understand. For over 10 years, NovoDynamics has developed and deployed proprietary techniques to aggregate, align and manage data for some of the world’s leading automotive companies.

Driving Better Business Decisions

Turning large, complex data sources into the actionable information and insights requires powerful data-mining and modeling tools and the experience and industry expertise to use them. Our industry analysts and data scientists work closely with our customers to understand their needs and goals. We leverage pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to answer critical questions concerning pricing, market penetration, products, operations and customer relationship management.