What We Do

NovoDynamics, Inc. recognizes critical patterns in essential documents and complex data sets. The company’s pattern recognition and predictive analytics solutions are used throughout the world by commercial industries, governments and academia to capitalize on large, disparate data assets. NovoDynamics provides exceptionally fast and accurate 64-bit, multi-core, cross-platform document capture applications, as well as real-time, cloud-based data analytics services. NovoDynamics delivers truly intelligent solutions that add clarity and insight to help customers address their most difficult challenges.


To intelligently automate information capture tasks, allowing our customers to recognize and extract their critical data assets and discover patterns that provide insight, improve core processes and solve critical business issues.

Products & Services

Using advanced pattern recognition and data analytics, NovoDynamics offers innovative products and services that add value to data and provide organizations with information to make better and timelier decisions. Novo products are designed for capturing, classifying and extracting critical data from documents as they enter an organization. Our solutions convert image-based information into computer-usable formats for business process automation, content management, and search and retrieval solutions.

  • NovoImage+™ is an image enhancement productivity tool that improves the readability of scanned, faxed and camera-captured documents to reduce preparation time, increase document clarity, improve character recognition accuracy, and reduce file sizes.
  • NovoVerus™ is an industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application for interpreting machine print text in multiple languages.  In addition to core Romance language recognition, NovoVerus accurately identifies Middle Eastern and Asian languages including Arabic, Persian (Farsi,Dari), Pashto, Hebrew, Urdu, Chinese, Korean and Russian.
  • NovoDocufier™ is an Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) classification and data extraction solution that uses advanced pixel analytics to quickly identify high volumes of varying document types and extract metadata for indexing and other actionable decisions.
  • NovoAnalytics leverages NovoDynamics significant experience in pattern recognition, data mining and predictive modeling technologies to analyze large data sets and help organizations make mission-critical decisions.

Value Proposition

With its philosophy of streamlining information on-ramps and adding business intelligence to back-end repositories, NovoDynamics helps organizations leverage their sizable investments in business processes and enterprise resource planning platforms. Novo software solutions are designed to be easy to learn and implement.  Our robust character and pattern recognition engines enable knowledge workers, researchers, clinicians, IT personnel, and line-of-business specialists to quickly extract relevant information from large volumes of mixed documents. Our data mining and predictive analytics services provide executive decision-makers with real-time windows into critical business situations, facilitating timely, well-informed decisions.