The Challenge: Efficiently Converting Stacks of Mixed Quality and Global Language Documents into Accurate Text

When converting stacks of documents containing a variety of global languages into computer text, the pages must be manually separated since common OCR solutions are unable to automatically detect and extract different languages. In addition, damaged pages, poor photocopies and low quality faxes often obscure critical content and require image enhancement before text extraction can occur. Special care must be taken with global language text to preserve important character features that are typically removed when general language enhancement technologies are applied.

The Solution: NovoVerus — The Fastest, Most Accurate Global Language OCR Solution Anywhere

Previously available only to government agencies and integrators, award-winning NovoVerus is a truly intelligent solution that…

  • Recognizes Challenging Global Languages: Arabic, Persian (Farsi, Dari), Pashto, Hebrew, Urdu, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Korean, Russian, English and Spanish. NovoVerus supports an exceptionally wide range of Roman, Asian, Cyrillic and Middle Eastern languages.
  • Delivers Unrivaled Accuracy: NovoVerus can OCR damaged or degraded originals that contain challenging global languages with extraordinary accuracy.
  • Augments Productivity: The intuitive user interface is extremely easy to learn and use and its powerful automatic language detection and image enhancement capabilities reduce the need for human intervention when processing documents.
  • Accelerates Workflow: Robust application programming interface and third-party plug-in architecture facilitates seamless integration with customer and third-party systems.

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