The Challenge: Reduce the Pain of CapturingPaper-Based Data

While organizations are striving to reduce or eliminate paper, they are still processing thousands of paper-based documents every day. Labor-intensive manual sorting is time-consuming, unsecure, subject to human error and costly. In the past, so-called intelligent document recognition (IDR) systems have been extremely expensive to integrate, customize and maintain because they require specialized and costly professional services teams to design and develop complex templates and page recognition rules.

The Solution: NovoDocufier — The Fastest, Most Accurate Way to Classify Documents and Capture Data

Built on the NovoDynamics® Automated Classification Engine (ACE), which leverages advanced AI and pixel analytics technology, NovoDocufier allows non-technical end-users to easily train the application to recognize diverse document types and extract and capture mission-critical data, which can then be routed to backend enterprise information processing systems.

NovoDocufier is a truly intelligent solution that excels at…

  • Simple to Learn and Use: Train non-technical staff in hours not days.

  • Cost Effective to Adopt: No need to hire expensive professional services staff.

  • Quick and Easy to Deploy: Integrate into information systems with industry-standard APIs.

  • Flexible: Handles a wide variety of document formats; works in centralized or distributed document capture environments.

  • Faster and More Accurate:  A 64-bit, enterprise document classification solution, built to take advantage of multi-core processors.

View the NovoDocufier Data Sheet.

View the NovoDocufier Video.

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